• How to participate in this project?
      The are many opportunities, come and login to meet and chat with us at the Beagles meeting room:
    • Community Volunteer: Join BeagleDAO's telegram or Discord channel,share、advocat、suggest
    • User: use beagleDAO's App
    • Miner:Any one with computer and network access can run messaging node software to get invloved in the service. There are different nodes: bootnode,messaging relay,notification and storage. Running bootnode needs public IP address;
    • Programmer:there are many project related to the development of node software, client app;
    • Sponsor: ETH or other crypto accepted at beagles.eth, or 0xC461D56919d1957692eB98dbb15Ae23A3567d1Bb

  • What is the difference?
    Gaving up the database based username/password account system, BeagleDAO app uses the address system of blockchain, no more registration is need, anyone can prove his ownership of the address just by signing with the private key of that address. No one can disable your account or monitor your communication.

  • Does BeagleDAO support group chat or multiple parties communication?
    Yes and even better. The group chat of wechat is not very efficient and there are many spam information. We can improve it in the following area:
    • The qualification of join the group can be written in smart contract: it could be free or paid, or it must be with KYC, visitor may or may not be allowed to join;
    • The right to send message: anonymous, paid by token;
    • unlimited group member;
    • display historical message;

  • API?
    Of course, what we are trying to do is to provide a decentralized messaging and video communication system for all blockchain projects who has build-in DID and asymmetric cryptographic algorithm and library. Todat major blockchain application is at very early stage and it can only be used in browser with METAMASK wallet or in wallet, the massive adoption should be in mobile. The infrastruct for mobile communication is still missing and there are many prolem to solve to bring blokchian to mobile.